Oye Tippa Run is set on the roads of magical city of Delhi, adorned of its great cultural and civilizational heritage accumulated in the course of centuries. Like dreams, it is an ensemble of anecdotes with desires gleaming over it.

Living here, is a young boy Tippa, who is like a fresh beam of sunlight, pure and suave. His innocence is unadulterated and his wisdom is astute.

Though he is just a small kid, but he possesses immense care for society and empathy for ecosystem. His will of helping others and making world a great place knows no bounds.

Tippa is a little one out on a mission. He is a superhero at heart, ready to dwell into any situation with fun and tactics at the ready.

But right now, Tippa just missed his school bus and is pacing towards it along with a quest of reformation of our society, inside his cute little heart.

His chuckle some stunts, while he swings across the city has a flavor of sugar and spice.

So here comes Tippa, dashing through your heart. Come and join him for an exciting run, to play your part!

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"Cometh the hour
cometh Tippa."

Team Tippa